Wood DIY Projects

A writer contributes:

Woodworking is fun no matter what level someone is at, as long as they have the tools to do it. When I first got involved in woodworking 10 years ago I had no idea of what I would be doing. I have built wooden chairs, shelves and many other wood DIY projects. The main thing that I have always liked is turning something simple into something very beautiful.

wood diy projects

I have been known to use recycled wood for small projects or even a wood DIY projects around the home. Whenever you see a large piece of lumber being thrown away, pick it up and chop it down. There are probably six decomposing pallets in my shed right now They’re just waiting for someone to make something awesome out of them.

For starters, one of my favorite wood DIY projects is making a barn door headboard from a single long pallet board. I purchased this piece of wood at a lumber yard a few weeks ago. This pallet board has a lot of character; however it is stained black. I plan on using this as a base for several more wooden pallet boards. After I finish up the first one I will be moving on to another.

Another wood DIY project that I am working on is creating several garden beds out of various types of pallets. I have found that the cheaper the pallets the more colorful they will appear. Right now there are three different types of pallet wood that I am working with; they are redwood, cedar and pine.

One other great wood DIY project that I am working on right now is decorating wooden decks. To make my wooden deck look more authentic I’m using two identical sized wooden beams. I plan on placing garden benches on both sides of the beams and covering them up with wooden decking planks. I have used these wooden beams in other projects before and have created beautiful results.

In addition to my outdoor wood DIY projects I also have been focusing my attention on decorating my living room. One of the things I have done a few times is made a wooden toy box into an attractive display case using some gorgeous vinyl wooden beams. To create this display case all I have done is purchased five gorgeous recycled pallets from a lumber yard and fashioned the beams to cover the entire box.

To finish off my outdoor wood DIY projects for this year, I want to add a rustic style, ornate front door to my house. To accomplish this goal, I am going to be purchasing three cans of the same wood that I used to build my barn. After I have purchased the lumber, I will then use my salvaged skills to cut the wood to the desired size of my front door. Once I have assembled my salvaged wood doors I will then create a framework to mount my shelving on. Finally I will stain and paint the shelving and wood box to bring it all together into a gorgeous easy wood coffee table.

All my outdoor wood DIY projects are part of my efforts to create a rustic lifestyle for myself and for my family. I love using salvaged materials in my efforts to beautify our home and to save money at the same time. This past summer I was able to spend time creating several of my favorite DIY projects. From my easy wood coffee table, to my reclaimed wood DIY garden shelving and wood wall art I was able to accomplish many of my goals.