DIY Woodworking

In my opinion, one of the best beginner DIY woodworking projects is building a shed. This particular project provides a lot of options for creativity and challenge.

diy woodworking

There are many free woodworking plans available for beginner to intermediate level projects. A simple search on the internet will reveal hundreds of free plans for small woodworking projects. I would also encourage you to conduct an online search for woodworking plans. These will not only provide you with more free plans but will also assist you in getting started with your own small woodworking projects. It would be beneficial to have several back up plans. This will allow you to perform a quality check when you begin a particular project.

There are many different types of woodworking machinery that is perfect for the beginner to intermediate level woodworkers. I started by using a table saw that had a diamond blade and a scroll saw. These machines are very common among beginners. It does require some skill to use properly, though.

One of the best small wood projects for the beginner is the magazine holder. Magazine holders are great for displaying your small wood projects. A magazine holder can be made using several different materials including metal, wood, plastic and glass. The following are great ideas for your magazine holder: wooden beads and plaques, a photo of your favorite place, a collectible figurine, a  photo of your children or a pet, a birdhouse, a mailbox or post, a fountain, cactus or fern, seed pod or seed bed, a plant stand, a plant pot.

Another great DIY woodworking project is the wood staining tray. This is a very useful item that makes creating those beautiful wood stains so much easier. The wood stain tray consists of a metal tray that is covered in a layer of wood stain. It can be used over again as the wood wears down or stains are dry so that new stains can be applied.

For a DIY woodworking gift that’s fun and useful, consider building a pergola or even a hot air pergola. A pergola is a free standing structure made out of wood that’s usually attached to a home or other structure. Pergolas can be found in a variety of styles and sizes so it’s possible to find one that fits perfectly with the style of your home. For example a kit may include a simple 2-by-4 post, four screws, some hardware and a hand-held saw; all the rest is ready to go.

Some other simple project ideas are also easily found at your local DIY woodworking store. For example, how about making a bird feeder? By simply purchasing a simple bird feeder plan and building it with plywood, you’ll save yourself quite a bit of money and time as well. This makes it a great DIY woodworking project regardless if you’re looking for something simple or if you’re looking to build a more complicated birdhouse.