Woodworking Blueprints

Woodworking blueprints in EVE Online are unique blueprint plans for furniture which can be easily crafted at any woodworking station. The main ingredient being Heartwood, which is easily harvested from trees. A harvesting level of 25 is required to gather heartwood. You also get other materials with the purchase. This is a necessity as it… Continue reading Woodworking Blueprints

Easy Woodworking Projects

If you’re looking for an easy woodworking projects for beginners, there are many to choose from. Many beginners start with easy woodworking projects, but they quickly become bored because the projects aren’t challenging or enjoyable. Starting with one woodworking plan at a time is a good policy. You should also get some good woodworking books… Continue reading Easy Woodworking Projects

Small Woodworking Projects

So, you want to make a few small woodworking projects to decorate your house? Don’t worry, it’s not as hard as you may think. In fact, making small projects is a great way to get started in the hobby of woodworking and can even be a wonderful source of income if you decide to sell… Continue reading Small Woodworking Projects

Woodwork For Beginners

“Woodwork For Beginners” is a thorough, concise guide to woodwork for beginners written by Michigan artisan Bill Ziemba. This great introductory guide covers all the basics and fundamentals related to this popular subject, including the correct usage and maintenance of tools, selecting and purchasing timber, and more. The book contains clear text and diagrams. It… Continue reading Woodwork For Beginners

Furniture Making Plans

There are a lot of reasons why someone would need to make their own furniture. Perhaps they want something to add into their home that will help them relax or give them somewhere to sit when they are watching television. Maybe they are in the market for a living room addition. No matter what your… Continue reading Furniture Making Plans

DIY Woodworking Projects

There are many reasons to learn how to build a woodworking project and many reasons to enjoy the finished result. And yet, there are some people who are intimidated when it comes to tackling a DIY woodworking project. Here is some information that might help shed some light on the subject of how to get… Continue reading DIY Woodworking Projects

Wood Project Ideas

Some advice from an experienced woodworker to those starting out: Try to avoid the overused term “pieces” and make sure you avoid jargon that makes it hard to understand what a piece is. Simple wood project ideas are simply plans and descriptions of the wood pieces you are going to need in order to construct… Continue reading Wood Project Ideas

Plans For Outdoor Furniture

If you wish to furnish your patio, porch with outdoor pieces, you can find plans for outdoor furniture online. This furniture will add beauty to the exterior of your house and enhance its overall look. Many homeowners like the idea of enhancing their houses with outdoor rooms and furniture. These are the great places to… Continue reading Plans For Outdoor Furniture

Garden Furniture Plans

Planning and designing your own garden furniture is a rewarding experience. However, if you’re like many DIYers, the planning can be daunting. One way to overcome this problem is to look for outdoor furniture plans that can guide you through the process of designing your ideal outdoor living space. The good news is that there… Continue reading Garden Furniture Plans

Woodworking Ideas

When you need new and creative woodworking ideas, there are loads of ways to get them. You just have to think outside the box. If you want to create a wooden toy box for your little one, you can. What if you wanted to make a coffee table from old barrels? There are plenty of… Continue reading Woodworking Ideas